About Brehanna "The Trail Blazer" Daniels

Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia as part of twin, Brehanna Daniels has been a lifelong competitive sports player. She played basketball from the age of four. She studied communications at Norfolk State University while playing basketball on a full scholarship for her last two years.

After graduation, Ms. Daniels accepted a position in NASCAR and the rest was history. Brehanna made history by becoming the first African American female tire changer to pit a race in a NASCAR series on June 2, 2017. On July 7th, 2018, Daniels became the first African American female tire changer to ever change tires at the highest level in NASCAR, known as The Monster Energy Cup Series.

She changed front tires for driver Ray Black Jr.  Not only was Daniels the first African-American woman to work a pit crew in Nascar’s top series, but she was also half of the first female duo in the modern era to work in a pit crew together at a Cup race.

Besides sports and athleticism, Ms. Daniels enjoys acting. She had the lead role in Norfolk State’s “NSUDream” commercial. Ms. Daniels has been a guest on several talk shows and has been profiled at the highest level of entertainment.  She was honored in the “B/REAL Bleacher Report” series where the executive producer is Carmelo Anthony.  

Her skills, character and achievements have been written about extensively in the New York Times and USA Today. She has been interviewed by NBC Nightly News and USA Today.  She has been a talk show guest on “Pickler and Ben” and “ The Today Show”.   She has also been a motivational speaker to wide audiences including school children, teens, and corporations. 

In January 2019, look for Brehanna on NBC as she competes in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new competition show “Titan Games.”  When she’s not changing tires at Nascar, competing in the Titan Games, giving interviews and talks, Brehanna is a great sister to her twin brother Brehon, and her two younger sisters.

That’s when I made history by changing tires in my first Monster Energy Cup race this year on July 7th!